Providing innovative solutions for the world’s most advanced networks.


5G Technologies

New and emerging technologies are driving full-scale deployments of 5G networks around the globe. Artiza Networks' DuoSIM-5G is helping vendors and operators meet the new standards for performance, functionality, and reliability.



We are specialists in massive UE simulation and advanced function testing for 3G, 4G, and pre-5G LTE eNodeB testing. Find out about the world’s most powerful eNodeB performance tester, the DuoSIM-Advanced.


Packet Capture

The etherExtractor captures and records every packet of live traffic over any network. Use the playback feature in a lab to support monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization of networks and equipment.

Growing to meet new demands

Mobile networks are evolving and adapting to brand new use cases. Artiza opened two new locations in the last year, including a state-of-the-art laboratory and development center in Takizawa, Japan, to help our customers and partners around the world keep ahead of new challenges.

Featured Product

The DuoSIM-5G is the world’s most powerful 5G gNodeB load tester, built to meet the challenges of performance testing in the most advanced 5G networks. It's the latest model in Artiza's award-winning line of base station testers. Read more here.

Artiza Networks receives

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