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Artiza Networks and Anritsu Collaborating with Open RAN Test Solution

07 March 2023

Press Release

  •  Artiza Networks and Anritsu will work together to promote Open RAN development with a collaborative O-RAN test solution.


Artiza Networks (TSE 6778) and Anritsu Corporation have agreed to collaborate on an Open RAN test solution.

The Open RAN concept uses open specifications for network interfaces to facilitate expanded services through multi-vendor sourcing, cost-cutting, and rollout of AI applications, as well as to create a new ecosystem as a long-term driver generating business opportunities. Mobile network operators and device vendors are pushing forward with Open RAN testing and implementation led by industry groups, including the O-RAN ALLIANCE.

Outline of Anritsu and Artiza Networks’ Solution
This collaboration combines Anritsu’s wireless test solutions for PHY-layer measurements, such as signal analyzers and signal generators, with Artiza Networks’ base station/network load test solutions for upper layers to offer high-level, wide-ranging solutions to obstacles presented to the development of Open RAN.

About Anritsu
The Anritsu Group was established in 1895 when radio communication experiments were being successfully carried out for the first time in the world. Since then, Anritsu's history has been a story of challenges, as Anritsu has always been pioneers in the information and communication field. Regarding “testing” technology as a core competence, Anritsu has been supporting the information and communication field, as well as the food and pharmaceutical field. Anritsu contributes to the development of a safe, secure, and prosperous global society together with the customers.

About Artiza Networks
Artiza Networks is the leader in radio access network (RAN) and core network (CN) testing for 3G, 4G, and 5G. For over 30 years, Artiza has collaborated with the industry’s top vendors and operators in testing the RAN and core network nodes of the world’s most advanced cellular networks. With extensive engineering resources including PCB and FPGA/DSP development, award-winning customer support, and a sales force versed in mobile network technology, Artiza meets the full range of customer needs through innovative, in-house development of products and solutions.

Artiza Networks, Inc. (TSE 6778)
Established: 27 December 1990

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