Accurate Performance Measurements

Making well-informed investments in LTE network equipment is essential for avoiding costly hardware failures and meeting subscribers’ expectations. When Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) decide where to put their money, they need the most accurate, comprehensive performance metrics possible to predict how equipment will stand up to network demands. Reliable eNodeB test solutions that can test real-world capacities and cutting-edge features is critical for conducting meaningful quality assurance that affects infrastructure investment decisions.

Benchmark LTE Network Equipment Across Vendors

Vendors’ reporting of their own performance measurements often use different standards, and are not always reliable. To verify vendors’ claims, get more detailed performance statistics, and accurately compare products, MNOs need an effective testing solution that can provide unbiased assessments of network equipment from any vendor. An MNO’s own robust testing solution can identify when a vendor’s product isn’t meeting performance criteria, and provide valuable feedback for addressing the issue or finding a new solution.

Quality Assurance Solutions

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