Internet of
Things (IoT)

New Opportunities and New Challenges

The Internet of Things is rapidly generating new ways to think about the purpose and possibilities of cellular networks. Operators and vendors agree that there is huge potential in extending LTE’s functions to power the communications of billions of new, connected devices. Implementing LTE-based IoT technology (NB-IoT, eMTC, etc.), however, requires thorough testing and verification of new transmission schemes, operation modes and massive connectivity. New IoT business opportunities will be paired with unprecedented challenges for network development and validation.

Staying Ahead of Network Demands

The sheer number of independent, connected devices will be one of the biggest changes that cellular IoT brings to the traffic across LTE networks. These devices may be simpler than the smartphones that dominate current LTE network traffic today, but successful IoT business cases will mean exponentially increasing the number of devices managed by any given cell. Any weaknesses in network infrastructure will be multiplied by the number of affected devices, and insufficient management of IoT support over LTE networks can compromise the functioning and battery life of billions of IoT devices. Solutions for testing IoT features and functionality must be advanced enough to help operators stay ahead of new network demands.

IoT Solutions

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