Pushing LTE Data Rates Further

Carrier Aggregation is a key technology in the ongoing race to match networks’ maximum data rates to the demands of customers. Early implementation of new developments in Carrier Aggregation allows Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to boost their network throughput and support popular, data-hungry applications and services like streaming video, mobile broadband, and mobile gaming.

Simplifying Complexity

Each new 3GPP release extends the scope and benefits of Carrier Aggregation technology, but also increases the challenges of implementing it into existing and future network infrastructure elements, especially the LTE eNodeB. LTE handovers with Carrier Aggregation add another layer of complexity that makes it even more difficult to ensure network equipment performance. The best solutions stay ahead of the specifications and integrate developments in Carrier Aggregation seamlessly into their roadmaps and product design. Artiza’s solutions for testing Carrier Aggregation in eNodeBs simplify testing for increasing maximum bandwidth, throughput, and support for diverse HetNet configurations.

Carrier Aggregation Solutions

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