Centralized RAN

The Benefits of C-RAN

For mobile network operators (MNOs), Centralized-RAN presents a promising way forward for managing the complex network environments of the future. Consolidating baseband processing into fewer network devices offers many benefits to operators including:

  • OPEX Reductions
  • Enhanced network resource management
  • Reduced interference
  • Increased cell capacity

Implementing C-RAN

In the world’s most advanced LTE networks, C-RAN systems have already been deployed. The benefits of pooling baseband processing also carry risks, however, and ensuring the reliability and capacity of network equipment is essential. In particular, stress testing the eNodeBs that will manage radio resources for such a large number of subscribers in such a complex environment is a critical element of C-RAN implementation. Market-proven solutions like the DuoSIM-A Load Tester significantly reduce the risks of implementing C-RAN systems.

C-RAN Solutions

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