LTE eNodeB

For information on Artiza Networks’ latest generation of LTE-A eNodeB testers, visit our DuoSIM-Advanced page.

Test Editors

Sophisticated Test Editors for the Methodology

One of the most powerful functionalities of DuoSIM Test Applications is the SDL (Subscription Description Language) Engine. For easy configuration with the SDL engine, it comes with the state machine oriented SDL Editor (Figure 1) and RRC ASN.1 Message Editor (Figure 2). The powerful Message Editor can generate ASN.1 IE (Information Element) in RRC message with easy to use graphical user interface. In an RRC testing, the auto IE response function is a very convenient tool for the internal protocol procedure. It enables intelligent IE substitution (from received packet, parameter table, or auto generation) on outgoing packets and automates the time-consuming protocol evaluation. In the SDL engine, user definable variables and timers are also useful to make complex test sequences. Furthermore, the U-plane test capability enables QoS measurement, including BER (Bit Error Rate)/PER (Packet Error Rate) and C/U-plane latency.

SDL Editor

RRC ASN.1 Message Editor