LTE eNodeB

For information on Artiza Networks’ latest generation of LTE-A eNodeB testers, visit our DuoSIM-Advanced page.

Test Applications

S1/X2-SIM Parameter Composer

S1/X2-SIM Parameter Composer, similar to UE-SIM, allows users to set parameters for core network configurations, including physical setup, port settings, IP addresses, nodes (MME/S-GW/simulated eNB) and sequence settings, as shown in Figure 1 to 5. Multiple nodes on core network side can be simulated in a single chassis, and it has the capability of handling up to 5,040 UE connections simultaneously. Figure 6 shows the example of multiple nodes simulating multiple UE connections. When it is working in tandem with UE-SIM, the relationship between the sequences on both sides can be looked up with a unique identifier, SysConnID, as shown in Figure 7. This feature is especially useful when tracking how sequences generated on one side (e.g., UE-SIM) are handled on the other side (e.g., S1/X2-SIM).

Physical Configuration

Physical Port Setting

DUT IP Address Settings

Node Settings

Sequence Settings

UE/Subscriber Configuration