LTE eNodeB

For information on Artiza Networks’ latest generation of LTE-A eNodeB testers, visit our DuoSIM-Advanced page.

DuoSIM Parameter Composer

DuoSIM Parameter Composer allows users to set parameters for UE and S1/X2 simulation. UE-side parameters include E-UTRAN/Cell/UE/Subscriber/Logical Channel/Sequence as shown in Figure 1 to 5, and S1/X2-side configurations include physical setup, port settings, IP addresses, nodes (MME/S-GW/simulated eNB) and sequence settings, as shown in Figure 7 to 11. As a UE simulator, its unique architecture to manage subscriber tables, UE tables, and the subscriber table maintained in eNB enables to simulate a very large number of independent subscribers. Figure 6 shows the overview of the relationship between these tables. Each sequence is configured with its own subscriber table, containing the list of unique subscriber ID. Combination of each sequence and the subscriber ID creates a large group of unique subscribers. From the subscriber groups of all sequences, up to 1,000 UE connections can be simultaneously simulated by a single cell. The physical characteristics of the UEs are maintained in the UE Table, and each UE can be configured independently for greater flexibility. On the S1/X2-side, multiple nodes on core network and radio access network can be simulated in a single chassis, and it has the capability of handling up to 6,000 UE connections simultaneously. Figure 12 shows the example of multiple nodes simulating multiple UE connections. The relationship between the sequences on both UE and S1/X2-sides can be looked up with a system-wide unique identifier, SysConnID, as shown in Figure 13. This feature is especially useful when tracking how sequences generated on one side (e.g., UE simulator) are handled on the other side (e.g., S1/X2 simulator).

E-UTRAN Configuration

Cell Configuration

UE Configuration

Logical Channel Configuration

SDL/Param Configurations

UE/Subscriber Configuration

Physical Configuration

Physical Port Setting

DUT IP Address Settings

Node Settings

Sequence Settings

UE/Subscriber Configuration