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Artiza delivers standalone 5G-compatible DuoSIM-5G to NEC

03 June 2021

Press Release

  •  NEC Corporation purchased the newest model of Artiza’s DuoSIM-5G base station tester, which supports 5G standalone (5G SA) mode
  •  DuoSIM-5G’s support for 5G SA mode delivers valuable new functionality for 5G base station developers like NEC, allowing them to conduct performance testing for 5G equipment from radio access networks to core networks


Artiza Networks, Inc. (TSE: 6778) announced today that it will deliver a 5G SA mode-compatible version of its flagship 5G product, DuoSIM-5G, to NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701). Standalone 5G is a major step toward realizing the full potential of 5G networks by implementing a 5G control plane and next generation core network.

Artiza has already shipped several hundred test cells of the DuoSIM-5G testing solution to mobile network operators and network equipment manufacturers around the world since the new generation of the product was released in 2019.

The 5G SA mode-compatible model of DuoSIM-5G allows Artiza to stay on the cutting edge of evolving 5G functionality while delivering an optimized ownership experience for its global customer base. The DuoSIM-5G is now able to conduct overload testing for 5G SA network configurations, and NEC will use the upgraded testing functionality to continue accelerating development of its 5G base stations.

Delivery of the 5G SA-compatible DuoSIM-5G culminates an ongoing deal and will not have a major impact on the financial results of the current fiscal year for either company.

About NEC Corporation
NEC’s Network Services Business provides network control platform systems and operating services for operations management, along with equipment for network implementation. NEC's wealth of experience in large-scale network implementation and strong technical capabilities help them contribute to the resolution of social issues by providing safe, reliable, and efficient high-value-added networks for the age of IoT through the creation of value with their clients and business partners.

About Artiza Networks
Artiza Networks is the leader in radio access network (RAN) and core network (CN) testing for 3G, 4G, and 5G. For over 25 years, Artiza has collaborated with the industry’s top vendors and operators in testing the RAN and core network nodes of the world’s most advanced cellular networks. With extensive engineering resources including PCB and FPGA/DSP development, award-winning customer support, and a sales force versed in mobile network technology, Artiza meets the full range of customer needs through innovative, in-house development of products and solutions.

Artiza Networks, Inc. (TSE 6778)
Established: 27 December 1990

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