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Artiza Networks joins O-RAN ALLIANCE

06 April 2021

Press Release

  •  Artiza Networks became a member of O-RAN ALLIANCE’s Test & Integration Focus Group (TIFG)
  •  Artiza and other O-RAN ALLIANCE member organizations are working to support open and interoperable O-RAN-based telecom device ecosystems


Artiza Networks, Inc. (President: Naoyuki Tokonami, Headquarters: Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo (TSE Code : 6778)) is pleased to announce that it is participating in the "O-RAN ALLIANCE", which promotes the development of specifications for an interoperable and open wireless access network, and its sub-working group, TIFG (Test & Integration Focus Group), and has started standardization activities regarding test methodologies and evaluation methods for O-RAN devices.

O-RAN ALLIANCE was founded in Germany in August 2018 and now has more than 270 members, including global telecom operators, vendors, and research and academic institutions with the aim of promoting open and interoperable virtualized mobile networks. By defining the O-RAN architecture and interfaces between devices, it aims to build an open and interoperable ecosystem by providing complementary support for the specifications defined by 3GPP and other standardization bodies.

Artiza Networks has supported the O-RAN specification since the initial version of their 5G base station test system (DuoSIM-5G), which was released in 2018 ahead of the rest of the world, and have been providing it to the world's most advanced telecom operators and equipment vendors. As the need for interoperability testing using the interfaces between devices defined by O-RAN is expected to increase in the future, we will actively support the standardization activities of this organization based on our extensive knowledge of O-RAN-based device evaluation.


About Artiza Networks
Artiza Networks is the leader in radio access network (RAN) and core network (CN) testing for 3G, 4G, and 5G. For over 25 years, Artiza has collaborated with the industry’s top vendors and operators in testing the RAN and core network nodes of the world’s most advanced cellular networks. With extensive engineering resources including PCB and FPGA/DSP development, award-winning customer support, and a sales force versed in mobile network technology, Artiza meets the full range of customer needs through innovative, in-house development of products and solutions.

Artiza Networks, Inc. (TSE 6778)
Established: 27 December 1990

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