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 Now open: Artiza establishes a new sales office in Shinjuku, Tokyo

New Artiza office opens in central Tokyo

On August 1, 2017, Artiza Networks opened the doors to a brand new sales office in the Shinjuku area of downtown Tokyo. The new location brings Artiza even closer to its customers and business partners, both in Japan and visiting from around the world.

Artiza is dedicated to expanding its business by providing the products, support, and services that our customers need. We’re excited for this chance to grow our business by better serving our customers, and we appreciate your continuing support and patronage.

Artiza Shinjyuku-office-map

Artiza Networks Shinjuku Office
Shibuya, Yoyogi 3-23-4
Yunizo Nishi-Shinjuku Building 4F
Tel: (+81)-03-6300-6490
Fax: (+81)-03-6300-6499